Pamela Meyer : Liespotting

Cracking the Codes of Human Deception

Pamela Meyer holds an MBA from Harvard, an MA in Public Policy from Claremont Graduate School, and is a Certified Fraud Examiner. She has extensive training in the use of visual clues and psychology to detect deception.

Pamela’s mission is to help people become more accurate at finding the truth. In her best-selling book, Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception, Meyer teaches you how to go from lie-spotting to truth-seeking to trust-building.

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  • Bloomberg
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times
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Pamela Meyer’s TED Video:

The Lowdown

The lie-detection skills Meyer has mastered reveals the deception epidemic plaguing our society. Studies show that you encounter an average of 10-200 lies per day. As a result, Meyer believes that everything a CIA operative knows about deception, should be known by all of us. At her private consulting firm, she trains corporate executives on facial micro-expression reading, advanced interrogation techniques, body language analysis, and behavior elicitation techniques.

Used by business executives to identify the truth in high-stakes situations, the techniques Meyer teaches are pertinent to managers, investment professionals, lawyers, insurance professionals, medical professionals, and any corporate environment where the truth is an essential part of business. After a session with Pamela Meyer, you’ll be armed with tools for better buying, protecting, interviewing, and negotiating.

In her keynote speech, Pamela Meyer provides her audience with detailed scientific findings on which personality types lie, how deception is expressed in e-mail, on the phone, and in person, and how to detect deception through body language. You will also learn about statement analysis, interviewing techniques, and interrogation, and about how negotiations can gain the upper hand and close deals that last, by mastering deception detection techniques. In a multimedia presentation featuring real-life examples, Meyer keeps her audience laughing while they learn, and she presents a path toward trust that emphasizes integrity, maturity, honesty.

Her highly-rated speech at TED Global combined her extensive training and research with soft skills and business acumen, delivering an interactive presentation packed with valuable lessons for anyone in business.

Pamela Meyer’s Topics & Lessons:

  • The Five Step Method For Uncovering the Truth
  • Read facial micro-expressions to determine subtle signs of deceptive behavior and underlying emotion
  • Gain the upper hand in business negotiations by learning specific behaviors liars exhibit while in a negotiation, interview, or meeting
  • Learn to undertake a deception audit for your organization and identify key contributors to deceptive corporate culture
  • Three Patterns to Deception and a Radical Path to Truth


“Pamela offers easily accessible methods to spot and stop what has become the most insidious business cost today… deception.”

Richard Whiteley
Best-selling author

“Pamela Meyer was our keynote speaker at AGA’s Sixth Annual Internal Control & Fraud Conference. She was the perfect speaker, because her topic of uncovering human deception by watching for signals the body makes involuntarily, resonated perfectly with our audience of over 500 government auditors and fraud specialists. Everyone left with priceless skills previously only available to CIA operatives and those trained in the art of interrogation. Pamela is a dynamic speaker with a gifted stage presence, and used wonderfully original visual aids with her presentation. She was a pleasure to work with, and even allowed extra time to rehearse with our production company a day prior to her presentation, making sure it was flawless. She received 96% good to excellent rating from our attendees, which proved Ms. Meyer was the correct choice to speak at our conference. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Jerome E. Bruce, CMP, CEM
Director of Meetings & Expositions
AGA – Advancing Government Accountability

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