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International Business & Brand Innovator, Luxury Brand Consultant, 2003 Advertising Woman Of The Year.

Cindy Gallop’s Black Apartment

Cindy Gallop has turned an illustrious advertising career into a lifelong pursuit of changing the world, her way – one daring project after another.

Power, Disruption & Lies

LATEST TESTIMONIAL: Cindy Gallop, ex-CEO of BBH and outspoken femme extraordinaire who’s revolutionizing the porn industry among other things, gave the keynote. She was so brilliant and inspiring that every speaker afterwards could’ve been Bill Clinton at the DNC and still seemed comparatively asleep.


Reading English at Somerville College, Oxford kindled a love affair with theater and led Cindy to begin her early career in the UK as a theater publicist, until an audience member’s observation that ‘You could sell ice to an Eskimo’ led her to make the move into advertising. She worked at Ted Bates, JWT and GGT before joining Bartle Bogle Hegarty in London in 1980 to run large global accounts such as Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban and Polaroid. In 1996 she moved to Singapore to help start up and run BBH Asia-Pacific, where she ran the Levi’s Asia-Pacific business, and in 1998 she moved to New York to start up BBH in the US, which began as Cindy in a room with a phone. Four years later, BBH New York had won clients like Johnnie Walker, Unilever and Levi’s, and was named Adweek’s Eastern Agency of the Year. In 2003 Cindy was voted Advertising Woman of the Year.

After all her success in the agency world, Cindy resigned as Chairman of BBH New York in 2005 in order to do something different. Today she continues to work in branding, marketing and business innovation as a consultant while also operating at the cutting edge of digital and the internet as a tech entrepreneur. She launched MakeLoveNotPorn at TED 2009 with this talk as an attempt to counterpoint the way in which hardcore porn has become default sex education, by encouraging an open healthy dialogue around how real people have sex, and will take this forwards in 2012 as MakeLoveNotPorn TV. In 2011 she published ‘Make Love Not Porn: Technology’s Hardcore Impact on Human Behavior’ as a short TED e-book available on Amazon and iTunes.

‘That was simply amazing. And I don’t use that word very often.’
Tom Harrison, Chairman & CEO of DAS (Diversified Advertising Services) Global, Omnicom on Cindy’s presentation ‘The Future of Advertising’

As a highly action-oriented person, Cindy observed that the single biggest pool of untapped natural resource in this world, is good intentions – both human and corporate – that never translate into action. She launched IfWeRanTheWorld at TED 2010 as the marketing and business platform of the future, to turn human and corporate good intentions into collective action, one microaction at a time, to deliver Action Branding – you are what you do – and build your Action Graph. Harvard Business School considers IfWeRanTheWorld such a ‘unique and innovative business model’ they wrote it up and taught it as a case study in March 2011 when it was only a year old in beta.

Cindy has a significant reputation as a highly compelling and inspirational speaker at events and conferences all around the world. Cindy’s 30 years of experience in brandbuilding, marketing and entrepreneurialism, combined with a razor-sharp analytical mind, wide-ranging business experience, future-forward approach to technology, a compellingly charismatic presence and a uniquely inspirational approach, equip her perfectly to address the theme of leadership and inventing the future across a range of business sectors.

Cindy specifically tailors and customizes her approach to each speaking and consulting engagement to ensure that she delivers against desired audience and business outcomes. She is regularly rated and scored as the best speaker overall at the conferences where she presents.

Potential Lecture / Consulting Topics:

  • How to position, brand, market and merchandize your brand/business/organization to take leadership in the marketplace
  • How to reinvent, restructure and redesign your business in order to own the future
  • How to compete in a commodified marketplace by increasing your brand value while visibly devaluing the competition
  • How the internal-facing – talent, culture, structure, process – can be redesigned to drive the external-facing business
  • How to redesign your business model
  • How to integrate social responsibility into day-to-day business in a way that makes money and does good simultaneously
  • How to identify a vision, craft a strategy and execute an effective gameplan

Cindy guarantees that, whatever your speaking/business needs/brief, she can craft and shape a presentation that will delight your audience, identify inspirational opportunities for the future, and ensure that none of you ever look at your business in the same way again.

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@callmeKBro Totally agree. @cindygallop was the highlight of the show, if not the year. #mm12
@pete291 The most brilliant talk ever about The Future of Advertising – not the usual buzzword-laden bullshit, by @cindygallop
@meganradich The Future of Advertising by @cindygallop. Wonderful and inspiring talk! I wanna go change the world now!
@petzdelux Fantastic talk (not just) about The Future of Advertising by the incredible @cindygallop #mustwatch
@sineaddennis I have a new hero in @cindygallop. Reminds me of why I’m in this industry. Thank you!
@folktrash Watching @cindygallop slice & dice the ad industry status quo like a ginsu knife. #purewin
@EC_Reed Just watched an amazing talk on The Future of Advertising by @cindygallop So.In.Awe.Of.Her.
@brenoflaherty Just watched @cindygallop great presentation. I think you might be a genius Cindy.
@creswe One of the best talks I’ve seen on The Future of Advertising

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